I’m 52 & My Mom Still Buys My Bras…

52yo Bras Blog

It’s rather frequent that we have a lovely woman walking through our doors with some sort of dress in hand. In this instance it was Noel* a real-estate agent in the Metro Milwaukee Area. She was attending a gala that evening with a stunning open back, black dress with a wide gemstone strap that sits flush across her back, exactly where her bra strap should be.

Noel’s was desperate for a low back option as all of her bra straps were showing when she tried the dress on at home. Being the expert bra fitters, we are, we knew she didn’t need a low back option, all she needed was a properly fitted bra from Allure. After a few minutes in the fitting room she came out to the main floor in her dress to get a good look in the big mirror. Her jaw was on our showroom floor after seeing her lift and support. As we kindly helped her pick it back up, she could not stop saying how she’s “never had them look this good before. I’m so lifted!”

Noel picked another style to get her new bra wardrobe started and promised to be back for more. While checking out she confessed to us that her sweet mother had still been buying her bras for her in packs at flea markets in the size 38D. She was so excited to take home her 32GG and promised she would never let her mother buy her a pack of bras again!


*Name changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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